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New members admission, pursuant to Act N.83/1990 Coll., on the association of citizens, as amended, is specified in the Association’s New Member Admission Terms & Conditions document informed by the Constitution of the Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies (hereafter CSVTS).

The membership of CSVTS consists of independent societies of professionals in science & engineering; these societies are non-political, non-profit citizen associations associated under the law on the association of citizens; they have members of their own and they are legally independent bodies which engage in activities specified in their own association constitutions and are operated according to their own organisational rules and rules of order of membership meetings.

Membership is acquired upon approval by the general meeting of the Association. Any organisation seeking membership with CSVTS must submit an application in which the highest authority of the society applying for CSVTS membership explicitly agrees to the Constitution of CSVTS and lists the date on which said authority approved applying for said membership. The constitution of the society applying for CSVTS membership, registered with the appropriate authorities, must be attached to the application.

In addition to submitting the application, the society applying for CSVTS membership must, as a consequence of the above-listed provisions of the Constitution of CSVTS, also prove that:

  1. The society in question has been engaging in scientific and/or engineering activities within the relevant field (incl. the application of any results) for at least 3 years.
  2. There exists no other CSVTS member society with a focus similar to that of the society in question.
  3. The society in question has sufficient financial resources to support their activities defined above.
  4. The society in question has a membership of at least 100 registered individuals; the list of said members shall be submitted by the society in question upon request. Exemption from this provision may be granted by the CSVTS general meeting during the application approval process.
  5. The membership of the society in question has not arisen from an extant CSVTS member society splitting into two separate legal entities or a part of said member society breaking off to form a new society, i.e., the society at present applying for CSVTS membership.

In accordance with provision 3. of the above admission conditions of this New Members Admission Terms & Conditions document, a newly admitted member society of CSVTS shall not be entitled to financial contributions to the activities of said society for a period of three years, starting on the first day of the calendar year immediately following the admission of said society to CSVTS. This applies to all members admitted to CSVTS on the day of the 18th CSVTS general meeting and thereafter.

The CSVTS general meeting may, on recommendation of the CSVTS Board of directors, elect to postpone the admission of a new member society for a fixed period.