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Ethical Code

for the members of societies represented in the Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies (CSVTS)

On May 29, 2003, the 29th plenary meeting of CSVTS issued a resolution approving the following Ethical code for the members of societies represented in CSVTS, which was subsequently ratified by representatives of each member society.

This Ethical code for the members of societies represented in CSVTS is a supplementary document that does not supersede any other document of a similar nature that these member persons are bound to follow.



Any society member:

  1. is to be aware of the importance of science and technology to humanity.
  2. is to be aware of their responsibility to society in practising their profession as well as in all other activities.
  3. is to practise their profession and all their other scientific and engineering activities in accord with common decency, especially with regard to professional rights, dignity, and right to freedom of opinion of all those who work with them.
  4. shall see adhering to this Ethical code and all obligations arising therefrom as a matter of utmost personal honour.



Any society member:

  1. shall keep their professional skills as sharp as possible so that they could always deliver their services in the best quality possible and in accord with consensus on best practice in their profession and with regard to the law of the land.
  2. shall use their professional integrity and honour to guarantee impartiality in any and all of their analyses, judgements, and conclusions drawn therefrom.
  3. shall fulfil agreements they entered into of their own will.
  4. shall not accept monetary or material reward or promise of any other benefits in exchange for actions or behaviour contradicting the interests of CSVTS.
  5. shall manifest their dedication to science and technology in the form of participation in the activities of professional associations that help promote scientific and engineering knowledge and support both professional activities and further education of their members.
  6. shall only use titles they are entitled to use.



Any society member:

  1. shall only take on assignments corresponding to their skill level; should an assignment they would like to work on be beyond their skill, they are to seek collaboration with those with the necessary expertise.
  2. shall require clear and precise specifications for any assignment they are asked to carry out.
  3. shall take responsibility for the organisation and completion of assignments they agree to take on.
  4. shall exercise due diligence in relation to occupational health and safety and to the safety of property in their care.
  5. shall only accept such payments and rewards that correspond to the provided service and to the responsibility arising therefrom.
  6. shall seek to ensure that payments made to other parties correspond to the provided services and to the responsibility arising for such parties therefrom.
  7. shall seek new highs in technological progress within their field.
  8. shall work towards creating a healthy and pleasant work environment for those they work with.



Any society member:

  1. shall respect the rights of all members and collaborators of CSVTS and take into account the needs and wishes of such members and collaborators, assuming those needs and wishes would conform to the laws and ethics regulating the professions of the aforementioned members and collaborators.
  2. shall do everything they can to protect nature and the environment, public health and safety, and also show respect to every living thing, and they shall strive for their activities to benefit humanity and bring prosperity to humankind.
  3. shall, whenever they can, provide clear and accurate information about complex scientific and technical issues in the public interest to the general public in a manner that everyone could understand.
  4. shall hold in highest regard the traditional and cultural values of their country and of any country in which they practise their profession.